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In 2012, Erstwhile Records released my 2xCD called SONGS ABOUT NOTHING.
This album was received very well by friends, fans, and critics.  SONGS ABOUT NOTHING appeared on many year-end lists (http://yearendlists.com/2012/12/wire-top-50-release-of-2012).

In 2013, I began soliciting artists to create videos for the 13 tracks that comprise the first disc of SONGS ABOUT NOTHING. I found 13 different artists whose work I respect and admire. 13 artists who understand my music in a way that allows them to create a visual interpretation for an otherwise abstract artform. The results vary greatly in approach and style, but the music maintains a cohesive thread that commands the full attention of viewers for the entire 36 minutes.

I finally completed this project in 2014 and I’m embarking on a short screening tour to showcase these beautiful videos on large screens.  It is my ultimate goal to screen TROPHY TAPE in each of the cities represented by the 13 collaborators.

The TROPHY TAPE tracklist is as follows:
  • The Beauty of Independent Music – Aaron Dilloway [Oberlin, OH]
  • Old Theme – Ellen Frances [New York, NY]
  • Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold) – Annie Feldmeier Adams [Chicago, IL]
  • The Loop – Justin Meyers [Minneapolis, MN]
  • Euphoric Sting – Antony Milton [Wellington, New Zealand]
  • Beauty Is A Bowtie (HTDW) – C Spencer Yeh [New York, NY]
  • The Power of Pussy – Olivia Block [Chicago, IL]
  • Escargot – Adel Souto [New York, NY]
  • In the Morning – Neil Young Cloaca [Turners Falls, MA]
  • Friday Night in a Catholic Home – Todd Deal [Worcester, MA]
  • 10 Amp Waves – Jubal Brown [Toronto, ON]
  • I Killed Another Day – Heidi Alasuvanto [Oulu, Finland]
  • In Through The Out Door & Another Whore – Robert Beatty [Lexington, KY]

Here are the dates of the TROPHY TAPES TOUR: