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The full title of this mix is The Jason Lescalleet Concepto Radio Metal Heart Mix:

I had a great time in Madrid last month, and I’m grateful for the Spanish attention I’ve received from my participation in the 2014 Electrónica en Abril festival (http://www.lacasaencendida.es/es/grupo-eventos/electronica-abril-2014-3183), as well as the great press I received from Concepto Radio (here: http://www.conceptoradio.net/2014/03/18/jason-lescalleet-much-demise and here: http://www.conceptoradio.net/2014/04/02/jason-lescalleet-canciones-acerca-de-nada)

Special thanks to Jose Villalobos for his interest in my music and for inviting me to participate in the Electrónica en Abril festival, and to Fran Martínez and David Torres for their continued interest and their efforts to bring my attention to my work from the Spanish-speaking world.  These three men inspired me to create this mix.  Although it’s something I really enjoy doing, I hadn’t made a mix for a long time.  I loved making it and I hope you enjoy listening to it.  If so, please share it with others!