OK, so have I expressed my disdain for working on websites?  I apologize for this, since there are so many of you out there that seem to have fun publishing blogs and wep pages.  You might be asking “What’s the problem?”

I can’t really explain my aversion to this, other than I’d rather be doing something else.  If nothing else, I’d rather be making music.

I created this blog as a supplement to my original website ( http://www.jasonlescalleet.com ) since I never really got comfortable with the format of that template.  I still use that site because it’s a good landing spot for people searching for my music.  I also like the calendar feature, for the purpose of announcing my concerts.

At this time, though, my attention is focused on my most recent CD.  THIS IS WHAT I DO – VOLUME ONE

This CD is a collection of compositions that were curated by others for various compilation projects between 1998 and 2004.  Some of these pieces are difficult to track down and some recent fans of my music might not even be aware that some of this material exiists.  I plan to continue this series as a way to publish my music that might otherwise go largely unheard.  Future volumes will include live performance recordings, radio shows, and unpublished collaborative works.

I’m very happy with the music on this CD.  I wish I had the resources to publish it with a full booklet of liner notes and photos, since this is what I originally intended.  Instead, I decided to print this disc as inexpensively as possible with the plan to invest all of the proceeds from sales into a deluxe vinyl reissue of another early work of mine.  (More information on that will follow soon.)  So, I’m using this website as a supplement to the CD.  Consider it a live collection of liner notes that will remain a work in progress.

The first ~75 copies were distributed with a typo in the liner notes, first detected by my friend Howie Stelzer.  I accidentally swapped the album credits for the tracks “Tape Deck Model RD-504” and “The Destructive Effects of Group Dynamics”.  The former originally appearing on Intransitive Recordings’ “Variious” compilation while the latter originally appeared on the second Lowercase Sound compilation on Bremsstrahlung Recordings.

Since I’ve known Howie for more than a dozen years, and since he’s been involved with my music since our first meeting at RRRecords, and since he curated two of the tracks on this collection, I asked Howie to write a few words about THIS IS WHAT I DO – VOLUME ONE.  I will be posting this soon.

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